For Baidu SEO and SEM, you need a local agency

If you look for the top Chinese search engine to reach your search marketing goals, Baidu is the leading search engine platform for you. It was founded in the year of 2000 by the legendry entrepreneur and a great Chinese Search Scientist named Robin Li. This search engine provider now takes about 80% of search market share in China. Presently, the Baidu is considered as a leading one more than a search engine like Google. The specialty of Baidu has expanded its search results into a big internet ecosystem along with a broad collection of web products and services such as

  • Mobile search

  • Web search

  • Web analytics

  • News search

  • Web mapping application

  • Image search

  • Pay per click advertising

  • Video search

  • Web based wiki

  • Web browser

  • Question and answer

Now, the search engine optimization in Baidu has a very big challenge for many brands and e-commerce retailers. This search engine provider is not only doing a single search engine, but also takes into large number of correct account localization such as local domains, Chinese encoding and various hosting, Due to its extensive Chinese SEM programs, it needs totally a different level of integrated search marketing, so it becomes one of the leading SEO agencies in China. Even all the experts and services in Baidu are completely covered the entire optimization of other vertical search engines in China.

Baidu SEO services

One of the major reasons to choose Baidu is helping you to discover the potential customers on the Chinese internet every day. It is one of the most competitive Chinese SEO platforms that are specialized in providing a wide array of following services include:

  • Baidu keyword research

  • Baidu SEO consulting

  • Baidu penalization recovery

  • Competitor spotting and analysis

  • Content optimization

  • Online SEO audit and optimization

  • Baidu integrated marketing

  • Offsite SEO- Ethical link development

  • Baidu indexation improvement

How to make yourself more visible on Baidu?

If you want to increase your visibility in China, Baidu is a top most search engine to consider today. Its main motive is to make the customers get a top level ranking in the search engine results. The Baidu mainly focused on the following areas that include:

  • Backlinks

  • Regular updates

  • Well-structured website

  • Optimization of the content

Since the Baidu has increasing number of online users and now it has over 570 millions of users. Among the exits members, 242 millions of the online users in china are doing online shopping frequently. If you have a very important project and want to make yourself more visible on Baidu, you do not hesitate to contact the team members. They are continually searching for the potential of your website to improve the brand awareness and make your website most out of the competitors in the industry. They also provide 100% personalized plans to all the clients and ensure them to understand the project according to their requirements.