Role of Test Documentation In Technical Aspects of Testing

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In order to create a good test plan it is necessary to thoroughly test a software product. Only after this you will be able to have a clear idea of tasks in hand and, as a result, the work will be done in the most effective and efficient ways. In the planning phase, you need to create a number of lists and tables which will be intended to:

Avoid unnecessary repetitions and not to forget anything important. Scratching cleared items from the list, you will be always able to see what has been done and what is left to do.

Quickly analyze the program and choose the best tests.

Prepare data for the final test. When all the code is written, and the product is almost ready, it is time to conduct the final test. It becomes much easier to plan this testing when using the notes taken at the previous stages. At this point, the psychological pressure increases, and there is little time left before the release of the product. Therefore, it is particularly important for the work to be done quickly and effectively. And without having the notes you will have to keep all the tasks in mind, and in these circumstances it is possible to inadvertently overlook the critical tests.

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Increase the efficiency of testing. This increase is achieved by reducing the number of tests without cutting the scope of the product’s aspects being tested. And this, in turn, is achieved through the isolation and removal of similar tests which are expected to produce the same results. Here is an example.

Сonfiguration testing strategy. It consists in the fact that there is a carefully selected printer to be tested for compatibility with all aspects of the program related to printing. Then, the compatible printers are combined into groups, and each of them is tested for compatibility with the print functions, one at a time, but not in all areas of the program, where they are implemented, but only in its single part.

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